This project will combine principles of optics, chemical engineering, the physics, chemistry, and biology of soils, and plant biology to image and characterise nitrogen movement in soil at the micro-scale. We will develop a new generation of transparent soil analogues that measure the biological and chemical status of soils. 

Project recently fuded by a Consolidator Fellowship from the European Research Council (ERC) 



The project will construct transparent soil microcosms, acquire 4D datasets using custom made imaging equipment, use computational tools to analyse the data, identify interaction mechanisms between root and nematodes, and study strategies to control the action of nematodes in the system. The legacy of the research will be knowledge, concepts, model soil systems and imaging approaches to understand and predict the behaviour of nematodes in soil. We also expect this project to deliver imaging techniques that can be applied to the study of other micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi.

Project recently fuded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council HAPI program

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